Verner and The Hole

It all started with a lack of space.

That is when Verner found the hole. It had been calling his name for some time.

First Verner only saw glimpses of it camouflaged in the long shadows at dawn. Back then he brushed it off and pretended it did not exist. Then slowly the hole started appearing in the light hours too. Hiding in his food, reflecting in his water, seeping out from the pores in his hands. One day it became too much for Verner and he demanded the hole explain its imposing behavior. “You need me”, said the hole. “And I need you”. “But you frighten me so “, said Verner and fell to his knees in despair. Heavy tears blurred Verner’s vision and for a moment the world disappeared.  When he looked up he saw that the edges of the hole had softened. Softened with his tears. “You have given me your tears”, said the hole. “Now let me hold you”. And then Verner knew that the hole had come neither as judge nor tormenter. It had come as a loving invitation into the space of compassion and becoming.  

Materials (Verner): bronze, pinewood, and metal

Materials (The Hole): recycled yarn, canvas, and black 3.0 acrylic paint