Kris Sahlholdt (b. 1996) is a Danish interdisciplinary artist who makes sculptural work directed by a performative thinking process. Kris is currently based in Odense, Denmark.

Kris’ work has strong connections to place and draws on historical as well as personal references. Weaving links between the artist’s own industrialized reality and spiritual other world. Materials are selected based on their stories and what essence they carry. Recently Kris has been collaborating with non-human entities and environments, as a way of reestablishing deep and meaningful relationships with nature. Building relationships takes time and for this reason, the pieces are often created at a mindful pace. Slow and repetitive work allows for a deeper appreciation of the material and its unique characters. Reoccurring areas of interest are spiritual ecology, belonging, family relations, grief, and storytelling, which are often explored through performative gestures and poetry.

E-mail: sahlholdt@hotmail.com
Instagram: @krisaasahl